2015 August: A Brief Thought about my BA Paper

I’ve had fun demystifying the Leeds art scene for myself, and even made a few friends along the way, but have realised that although I might go to all the openings and events that go on in the city, I am not getting at the heart of works I might really enjoy. It’s back to the internet for me.


I’ve been thinking about my BA essay and how to bring that project as close as possible to the research that must already be going on in my practice. I must be researching something through all that “process”, right? And I know for sure that I have had many questions crop up during the making process that really fascinate me to the bone. I need to connect my multifaceted explorations back to myself, bring them together and bring to the fore those questions to think about them more directly.

If I am going to write about art, attempt to understand something general or particular about art, it ought to start from my practice. That is what I have invested myself in, that is the part of myself that matters. Ideally, I would like to add as little as possible to my artistic methodology as it is. I want to use the opportunity of having to write something to reap what already crops up from the practice itself, assuming that practice can be a path to knowledge.

One way of thinking about the essay was to imagine my research as a website. This might be useful because I seem to have taken to multimodal approaches to enacting a similar pattern (empathising with things I am jealous of).

At the centre of this website would be a condensed essay, the “homepage”. It focuses on findings and conjectures raised by the practice itself, a more thought-out articulation that is then loaded with links to the more vast field of practice. This relieves stress from the essay, because the bulk of what I do is really embedded in the hit-and-miss, experimental approach that I am acquainted with in artmaking. The essay should extrapolate in condensed form formulas that are active in my investigations. At the same time, it is important that I do not guide my work towards a visualisation of the outcome of this essay – the essay analyses the results of the work.

One link from the homepage could be the novel I am working on. In it, I have come to see that I as writer use the body of the protagonist as my own avatar that explores a world in its making. She becomes a metaphor for my practice on multiple levels, for instance, in her malleability. She simultaneously takes on the character of objects as she perceives them, in effect embodying the home she roams and never leaves. The home becomes the world to this effect, and the landscape outside an artificial backdrop. She is a being whose virtue is her insubstantiality … (incomplete text)

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