2018 May: Unsuccessful PhD Funding

I did not get the PhD funding and so will not be able to take up my offer to study at the Royal College of Art this year. I am going to have my first year out of education since I was five years old.

I contacted all my closest university tutors in the hopes of some advice about what to do, given my interests in art practice, teaching and academia. This is what I got back.


PhD Funding Outcome Responses by various members of faculty:


Dear Katarina,

You would be best doing a teaching certificate over the next year. Most academic jobs will now require it.

This kind of thing:


Such a shame you didn’t get the TECHNE award, but it is a remarkable achievement to have got that far in the process straight from MA.




Hi Katarina, I am sorry to hear this but great that you have been accepted! Higher education posts are extremely thin on the ground currently and most jobs now require a PhD particularly if you are teaching critical theory or a history of having exhibitions if you want to teach in the studio. Do not let this put you off as you would make a great teacher in my opinion. I think mostly you need to gain experience as an associate lecturer (hourly paid) … in a variety of posts…. Lots of people write to me with their CV’s wanting to teach critical studies and occasionally there is a seminar slot vacant on the BAFA and we try them out. This is the way most people start. If I were you I would put a seminar together and send to all colleges in the summer when they are putting the next academic year together. There are not really teaching assistant posts in fine art but not sure in other disciplines. It is a precarious existence at the beginning because you are effectively on zero hours each year but certainly worth it to build up experience. the website jobs.ac.uk is good and guardian job site for education of course. I am around so we can talk more when we meet!

see you soon L



Hi Katarina
Sorry to hear yiur news. The competitiin is fierce and sometimes it can appear a bit of a lottery.
Yes lets discuss at your tutorial.
Best wishes

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