2019 August: First Solo Exhibition

It’s been a good month for me so far, opening my first solo show on 9th Aug at Tension Fine Art Gallery in Penge, London. Despite opening a show during one of the quietest months of the art calendar, it was pretty well attended, and I found myself busy throughout.

The aim of the show was to present in a simple and clear manner, a number of selected works from the One Woman Empathy Circus spanning a period of 7 years. With the help of my partner we sourced ten TVs from various relatives, skips, Freecycle and second-hand sellers. They were a pretty random selection of sizes, which I organised to fit the space and my work in a manner that in the end looked intentional… All I was focused on during this time was presenting the works with the best picture and sound possible, making sure all the AV worked so as to simply present some old work that’s never seen the light of day. The show was on for about 4 weeks, and for two of those I held 2 events: a reading from Anomaline and morning chat with visitors, and an artist talk. The artist talk was something I ended up fretting a little about, as I wasn’t sure how to introduce my work in a way which was updated and relevant for me. I also opted not to read from a script, which is what I usually do when presenting, and so this caused me some anxiety too. The talk seemed to be well received but in the end I don’t think I managed to prepare quite well enough and I think I wasn’t as precise and eloquent about what I was doing as I’d wished. It just got really messy, and in the end, I came up with a set of notes which I stumbled through – trying to create a connection between the empathy or investment of my selfhood in drawing, and the same thing happening in performance. The exhibition itself, I am really pleased with.



Applied to Curtis Brown with Anomaline
Had first solo exhibition at Tension Fine Art
Did a public reading of Anomaline
Received positive comments on the exhibition online
Held an artist talk at Tension Fine Art with live performance excerpt from Pseudo
Made a new performance video: Poetics
Made the beginnings of a potential new video on the train to Leeds

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