2019 January: Reading and Writing

Week 1

  • Read first chapters of Anomaline 2.0 to M and S. Found that I wasn’t too satisfied with the ’savvy’ voice, and miss the naive, fumbling language of the first version.
  • Started learning a bit about GitHub and ‘versioning’, which may make it easier for me to more readily edit a large text like a novel.
  • Got a computer, backed up HD 2 onto Dropbox

Week 2

  • Completed recorded readings of first three chapters of Flatland.
  • Saw ‘The Favourite’
  • Listened to Debussy and Schubert at Southwark Cathedral
  • Read a lot of Italo Calvino’s If on a Winter’s Night a Traveller, and enjoyed it. Noticed that the novel is not so extremely consistent, and that maybe consistency is not all important in my novel, either.

Week 3

  • Finished reading Calvino. Started reading Not to Read by Alejandro Zambra
  • Started writing in Bear-Sublime Text-Git
  • Wrote a new bit of writing in Anomaline on the autumnal vibe of peeling plaster

Week 4

  • Got into the flow with writing in Sublime Text and branch 3.0, worked from 3.30-10.30pm one day, just on the novel
  • Had idea for Fitzcarraldo Editions book proposal, the ‘autobiography of a fictional character’
  • Read The Lost Daughter Collective by Lindsey Drager
  • Submitted my LAHP application!
  • Started reading Tristram Shandy

Week 5

  • Applied for a reading pass at the British library
  • Submitted Bloomberg New Contemporaries application

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