2020 December: Wrapping Up

I am a feeling a little inert, probably because there are a number of things to wrap up this month. I have my first Contextual Studies-type lecture to give to BA students in January, the Writing for Practice Forum to fully take responsibility for, a contribution to propose for the next issue of Phenomenology and … Continue reading 2020 December: Wrapping Up

2020 November: Frame Switching

Intrusions. Video, 22 min. 2020. (Second attempt at distributing myself across different characters within the same work (this time in two languages), but not as interesting as a result). I began the academic year with a fighting spirit; I had a belief in my project and felt committed to it every day — learning, making, … Continue reading 2020 November: Frame Switching

2020 October: Experimental Philosophy and ‘Me’

Screenshot of my research timeline.   Focus The second year of my PhD has officially begun — this makes me excited but also determined to use my time well. Accordingly, focus was the topic of a latest discussion between myself and M. Rankovic (my unofficial 'third supervisor'), especially the idea that focus need not necessarily mean … Continue reading 2020 October: Experimental Philosophy and ‘Me’

2020 September: Determinism and Agency

Time Off. Video, 4 min. 2020. I’ve typically regarded A Ritual Resuscitation of Eternal Lovers to be an old work, and a good, but discontinued experiment. But recently I’ve filmed about four new performances, and gained a renewed interest in the aims of the text: to find freedom in determinism; that is, if I can … Continue reading 2020 September: Determinism and Agency

2020 February: The Psychology of Characters

Introduction to Personal Metrics, performance/experiment held at MARs, Goldsmiths College. 21 Jan 2020: Hello, welcome everyone, to this Art Research Installation, Personal Metrics, in which I’m hoping to conduct an experiment with your help. Some of you may know by now that my practice is concerned with using my own personhood as a kind of … Continue reading 2020 February: The Psychology of Characters