2021 February: Dwelling in the Unknown as a Day-to-day Matter of Course

My reading this month Anomaline The writing has curved itself finally down into an arc, a real story arc. This last third of the novel was the part I began to doubt if I would ever succeed in writing, but it turned out that the pact I made with myself over the Christmas holiday actually … Continue reading 2021 February: Dwelling in the Unknown as a Day-to-day Matter of Course

2020 November: Frame Switching

Intrusions. Video, 22 min. 2020. (Second attempt at distributing myself across different characters within the same work (this time in two languages), but not as interesting as a result). I began the academic year with a fighting spirit; I had a belief in my project and felt committed to it every day — learning, making, … Continue reading 2020 November: Frame Switching

2020 October: Experimental Philosophy and ‘Me’

Screenshot of my research timeline.   Focus The second year of my PhD has officially begun — this makes me excited but also determined to use my time well. Accordingly, focus was the topic of a latest discussion between myself and M. Rankovic (my unofficial 'third supervisor'), especially the idea that focus need not necessarily mean … Continue reading 2020 October: Experimental Philosophy and ‘Me’

2020 September: Determinism and Agency

Time Off. Video, 4 min. 2020. I’ve typically regarded A Ritual Resuscitation of Eternal Lovers to be an old work, and a good, but discontinued experiment. But recently I’ve filmed about four new performances, and gained a renewed interest in the aims of the text: to find freedom in determinism; that is, if I can … Continue reading 2020 September: Determinism and Agency

2019 September: PhD Begins

The Hospital of Happiness. Sound work with autogenerated image of non-existent person. 2019. Listen here. 07/09/19 Exploring Evolutionary Algorithms In Chapter 3 of The Blind Watchmaker, when Richard Dawkins refutes the idea that, with enough time, a monkey typing randomly on a typewriter could come up with the complete works of Shakespeare, or rather, even … Continue reading 2019 September: PhD Begins

2018 June: Notes on Seven Clues to the Origin of Life

Notes on Seven Clues to the Origin of Life, by A.G. Cairns-Smith “What is needed for evolution is natural selection [...] There is nothing in the rules to say that such things [our most primitive biological ancestors] had to be ‘living’. We have an odd view now because all of those things that we are … Continue reading 2018 June: Notes on Seven Clues to the Origin of Life

2018 February: Subversive Submission

Woman Reads Important Books by Men This is an idea I had, perhaps for a YouTube Channel or SoundCloud podcast. It’s a bit of an investment, but would combine two things I enjoy: voice work and reading interesting texts. To limit the investment, maybe I could try reading aloud 3 works by famous men. The … Continue reading 2018 February: Subversive Submission

2018 January: Being a Person

Royal Society Science Matters panel discussion, “Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence" Some interesting things that came up in the video I watched of the Royal Society Science Matters panel discussion, “Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence”, 10 Jan 2017: Joanna Bryson, Reader in AI Ethics at the University of Bath makes some interesting points about ‘projections’ … Continue reading 2018 January: Being a Person

2017 November: Fake Storytelling

Week 1 Struggles My psychological turmoil is only worsening I’m afraid, and totally eclipsing any sort of idea of ‘work’; I scarcely know what that word means anymore. Where I find I am now incapable of doing even certain simple tasks without breaking down, there are still some circumstances in which I can learn something … Continue reading 2017 November: Fake Storytelling