2020 January: Personal Metrics and Elephant West

Ridiculous! At Elephant West, 9 Jan - 2 Feb 2020 I did manage to develop Atom into a longer piece, from 3 to 7 minutes. What helped was to create as intimate a space as possible in which to try telling the story again and again to myself. Instead of changing anything about the physical … Continue reading 2020 January: Personal Metrics and Elephant West

2019 December: Performance Anxiety

Okay, so I have quite a few different things going on at once… I need to address the weakest link in my understanding, which is the machine learning/AI side of the project, or at least the analogies I draw with the field. I’ve composed an email ready to send once the lecturer’s strike is over, … Continue reading 2019 December: Performance Anxiety

2019 October: Defining the Field and Forging Connections in the Literature

Professor John Frow of Sydney University is somebody I may wish to establish contact with, as his book, Character and Person (2014), is very related to my project. We have even come across some of the same examples (Kundera) as instances of character/person crossover. He may even be appropriate as a supervisor, although I should … Continue reading 2019 October: Defining the Field and Forging Connections in the Literature

2019 September: PhD Begins

The Hospital of Happiness. Sound work with autogenerated image of non-existent person. 2019. Listen here. 07/09/19 Exploring Evolutionary Algorithms In Chapter 3 of The Blind Watchmaker, when Richard Dawkins refutes the idea that, with enough time, a monkey typing randomly on a typewriter could come up with the complete works of Shakespeare, or rather, even … Continue reading 2019 September: PhD Begins

2019 May: Acknowledgement and Rejection

Tom Cardew and I are awarded the Golden Aesop Grand Prix in Contemporary Art at the Gabrovo Biennial of Humor and Satire, Gabrovo. 2019. Ah, I feel giddy. Today I wanted to throw myself back into work, after coming home from Wales, and anticipating going to Bulgaria next week. But I feel too hyperactive, as … Continue reading 2019 May: Acknowledgement and Rejection