2020 December: Wrapping Up

I am a feeling a little inert, probably because there are a number of things to wrap up this month. I have my first Contextual Studies-type lecture to give to BA students in January, the Writing for Practice Forum to fully take responsibility for, a contribution to propose for the next issue of Phenomenology and … Continue reading 2020 December: Wrapping Up

2019 January: Reading and Writing

Week 1 Read first chapters of Anomaline 2.0 to M and S. Found that I wasn’t too satisfied with the ’savvy’ voice, and miss the naive, fumbling language of the first version. Started learning a bit about GitHub and ‘versioning’, which may make it easier for me to more readily edit a large text like … Continue reading 2019 January: Reading and Writing

2018 October: A New State of Working

It’s already been about five months since I’ve graduated from my MA at Central Saint Martins, thrown into the life of a non-student for the first time since I was… five years old. Having gone straight from a BA to my MA in my arts education journey, this is the first time I’m really feeling … Continue reading 2018 October: A New State of Working

2018 April: Venting at The Tramshed

A script for the promotion video for my upcoming Venting performance Of all my bureaucratic dreams// it is the keyboard, tapping like rain under my fingers, which affords me most promise. The keyboard can speak in borrowed tongues// And with it, I will play somebody’s mouth// like a pianist. See me do this at The … Continue reading 2018 April: Venting at The Tramshed

2018 March: Waiting and Working

Radclyffe Hall My latest read: The Well of Loneliness. 'Love is the sweetest monotony conceived by the Creator', thinks Stephen Gordon, the ‘invert’ lesbian writer who is this novel’s protagonist. For even with her queer identity, the woman finds herself going through the motions of every love that has ever existed, there’s a naturalness to … Continue reading 2018 March: Waiting and Working

2018 February: Subversive Submission

Woman Reads Important Books by Men This is an idea I had, perhaps for a YouTube Channel or SoundCloud podcast. It’s a bit of an investment, but would combine two things I enjoy: voice work and reading interesting texts. To limit the investment, maybe I could try reading aloud 3 works by famous men. The … Continue reading 2018 February: Subversive Submission

2018 January: Being a Person

Royal Society Science Matters panel discussion, “Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence" Some interesting things that came up in the video I watched of the Royal Society Science Matters panel discussion, “Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence”, 10 Jan 2017: Joanna Bryson, Reader in AI Ethics at the University of Bath makes some interesting points about ‘projections’ … Continue reading 2018 January: Being a Person

2017 November: Fake Storytelling

Week 1 Struggles My psychological turmoil is only worsening I’m afraid, and totally eclipsing any sort of idea of ‘work’; I scarcely know what that word means anymore. Where I find I am now incapable of doing even certain simple tasks without breaking down, there are still some circumstances in which I can learn something … Continue reading 2017 November: Fake Storytelling

2017 October: Being Daring by Accident

Practice Event 2017 (MA interim group exhibition): Ghost Writing   “Here K moonlights as a novelist. In her novel she is tethering out of the text a being; some sort of agent. Think of the novel then as a sort of textual artificial intelligence incubator, where she is cooking up a person. As with any … Continue reading 2017 October: Being Daring by Accident